Lesbian Vampires

25 Jan

Decided to start this blog because of the constant urging of my BG (veronique) and because I need to get into the habit of writing again. A year ago a lesbian mystery, ‘who done it’ kind of story worked its way into head. A psychological thriller filled with murder, scorned lovers, and of course slightly vanilla sex scenes, sprinkled with a dash of s&m perversion. And yet a year and 30 pages later, it remains in my head. Such a disappointment. How do I motivate myself? I tried the whole expectations route where I told a good friend of mine to expect so many pages a week, if I didnt deliver, she was supposed to chew me out, lol…didnt work. Found out that about half the shit I wrote her she never read, and she didn’t push me to write if i didnt give her her weekly reads. I tried rituals. I once read a quote by Octavia Butler (African American scifi writer) that it wasn’t so much about motivation but about habit. If you make something a habit, your more likely to stick to it. So thats what I did. It worked for awhile, until my unhabitual brain got lazy. So now Im starting this blog. Starting to write just for the sake of writing. And hopefully I can dust the cobwebs off my deserted story.

Oh and why is this post call Leso Vampo’s? Cause vampires are hot and they’re even hotter when they’re LESBIAN blood suckers. I thought my bg would think I was a weirdo for liking shit like that. When I told her I was too embarrassed to buy “Lesbian Vampire Erotica” in person at Borders, she later told me she ordered it online for me. I thought that was so sweet. I let her borrow my favorite Fiona Zedde book, about…lesbo vampo’s of course, 🙂 and she loves it.

Anyway to anybody reading this, send positive vibes my way so I can focus on writing my book. Thanks

See, my first post! Told you I would write something today

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One response to “Lesbian Vampires

  1. Ms&Miss.Wizdom

    January 30, 2010 at 2:15 am

    Hey babe I am sure that your stories that unfold within your subconscious will soon be translated onto your blog. I will always be your biggest fan, Missing you!! And finally you made a post.


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