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Stop Bitchin’ and Start a Revolution

Since the L Word, Noah’s Ark, and even Queer as Folk, have all been discontinued there has been the ever present complaints of  “Well hell, what am I going to watch now” “Where can I go to see gays and lesbians” “Who’s gonna make the next queer show.” Well thanks to the World Wide Web, we don’t have to wait for some major network to give us the okay on our gay and lesbian shows.  Starting with the Lovers and Friends Show, which is an ‘online’ show. Featuring a Black and Latina cast which is based around lesbo drama and more lesbo drama. You know, the stuff we love. And characters we love to hate. This is like a replacement for the L Word. However, this series is more relatable. They could all be your next store neighbor. Which would be hot, cus my neighbors suck. Anywho the reason I put the word online in qoute because well, only the fisrt episode is online and avaiable to watch and the rest you have to buy on DVD. Now, wait before you move on to the next free online lesbo show, the DVD is only like 15 bucks for the first season, thats like one movie ticket and season two is like 24 bucks. I’m not sure people realize this becasue everytime I check their site out, there’s comments on top of commets like “Loved the first episode, where can I check out the rest” or “Come on, ya’ll just left me hangin’ where’s the rest” or friends telling me “I can’t find the show. They only have one episode up” ….Okay, my black people I’m only gonna say this once….YOU HAVE TO BUY THE DVDS!!!!!  Since the L-Word I’ve heard from my people and myself how great it would be to have a Black or more ethnic version of the L-Word. Well hell, here it is. Please support them so perhaps one day they can be mainstreamed one day. I will be receiving my dvds in the mail next week, so excited. You asked for it, so here it is. Please check them out and support them.   Lovers and Friends Show

I really like Zaire, who plays Diedra. She hot and has an interesting personality on and off screen

Somebody else reads Octavia Butler besides me:)

Other online queer shows to check out:

(if all this seems slightly familiar, got this info from CURVE magazine…so for people who have no clue what that is tsk, tsk, check it out.)     Diggin this show, makes you wish your lesbian life was so much more interesting and kinda makes you wanna rob a bank…diggin criminal chicks:)   Chica Busca Chica (Girl meets Girl)

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That stud on stud LOVE


First and foremost, um who is that kid in the back, lol and is he of appropriate age to be listening to this conversation…okay, this is basically a discussion of this well known taboo of ethnic people, especially the younger black queer generation, on the issue of stud on stud love. I personally don’t have any qualms about it. I think its great and we should just embrace women loving women, period. No matter what their outer appearance represents.

Not the deepest form of discussion on this topic, but a discussion none the less

Oh and wondering who these women are? This is some of the staff and crew from the online show LoversAndFriends.

Okay, listen…

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Lezzie events

Bliss-An Oasis for women of Color in the Desert

Next event in October 2010 located in Palms Springs

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Hair Wars…

Right now I’m at odds. I so wanted to wear my hair natural tomorrow for work. But it’s just not looking right. Is it possible to say I want my natural to look DONE, when actually natural hair in its natural state is really not DONE at all. It just…. is. Its wavy, curly, crazy, has its own personality does its own thing. But…today, its just looking dry, unkempt, and of course I don’t have my usual products that I put on when I do wear the natural do. I like defined curls and a slight shine. And today, its just not cutting it. Plus I need my ends trimmed and maybe a little salon maintaince to get it make up to par. *sigh* anywho I will still do it natural, but this time with the ghetto ponytail. You know, super slicked back, with the afro puff in the back. So yeah kinda dissappointed with that…while doing my hair it reminded me of my younger days when I didnt have rent, bills, and I could make my bi-weekly trips to the salon. Use to go this lady who had a hole in the wall shop, but she could press hair like nobody’s business. But of course you had to put up with certain things like her eating sunflower seeds, peanuts, or anything with a shell, continuiously talking on her cell phone, and cussing out her bad ass kids that roamed the salon, all while having a scalding hot pressing comb barely a centimeter from your scalp…But you put up with it cause hey, who else could turn your coily tight tendrils into super straight blowing in the wind locks. Just like I want my natural hair done with a certain curl n shine. When I wear it straight I want it STRAIGHT. So I’ll put up with some bullshit to get it done right. But this was the final straw. A few times during my visits I started noticing a familiar smell everytime she washed my hair. Which I thought was odd because they’re supposed to be using  salon based shampoo. And everytime I looked at her shelf, nothing ever looked familiar. But time and time again, this SMELL would take me back, like “I use that. Daily. What is that smell.” Well one day, I eventaully found out, when I was getting my hair washed once again,  a client made a comment saying, “Girl, you use THAT?” Hair stylist replying, “Yes, girl. It gets all that grease out. Its good.” Curious, after she moved on to the next client I turned toward the shelf in order to see this mysterious product. Low and behold it was a big yellow bottle of dish washing liquid! That lemony fresh smell I thought I recognized, was the same product I used to wash my damn dishes! Never the less that was the final straw. She was quickly replaced. Soon after that, I began hearing other stories of how she would have ziploc bags full of cloths detergent powder, cleaning folks hair. WTF.

Anywho, found these photos, which makes me proud to be a nappy head:)

Oh and thats me on a good nappy day…

Other beautiful naturals…

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Queer Life…Coming to a T.V. Near You

European commercial of course….America has alot of catching up to do.

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Sade is Back!

Finally, after how many years, like 10…Anyways pick up her music. She still sounds amazing

And she was absolutly hot on the Ellen Show today

And a little bit of her old tunes…U remember this one

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Burlesque Anyone?

Right now just trying to divert my brain from the obvious…which are,  things that I thought were in my grasp are now…gone, I guess.  And I have a headache because I’m too lazy to go down get some water so I can have my daily caffine.  But instead of being sad and curling up under the sheets and shutting down, which I have been known to do…I turned on RuPaul’s Drag Race on logoonline and watched the first 3 episodes.  Now, if a bunch of drama filled drag queens can’t divert your attention I don’t know what will. Thats when the drag shows lead me to think about Burlesque shows. I went to my first one a few years ago in St. Paul Minnesota. It was a small hole in the wall kinda bar and grill. I almost thought I wondered into wrong spot. A few middle aged white men at the bar. A couple chain smoking women chatting it up in the corner and elderly waitress who had clearly seen better days. And then walks in two black lesbians.  Nervous. Slightly. Either me or my then girlfriend asked someone where the burlesque show was being held and he pointed us to a downstairs room, which was just as empty as the one we had came from. However, a few drinks and about 45 mins later, the room began to fill up. Not a huge crowd, but it was nice. The show, to say the least was interesting.  The best was a fire spitting women doing acrobatic stunts. Others, a little bit more storytelling/theatrical, less undressing, and of course some completely undressing however always leaving certain aspects of the body to the imagination. All in all it was different. Yet I knew, it could be better. Since then I haveyet  to go back to a burlesque show, even though I know I would enjoy it. Phoenix sucks, so I know there’s nothing out here. Some clubs advertise themselves as burlesque, but then turns out to be plan whole stripping and pole dancing.  Here are some places that seem really cool and entertaining. And if I venture out I’ll be sure to visit.

Oh and wanna get your Master’s and master in Burleque? There’s a school for that:

New York School of Burlesque @ the Slipper Room

Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque located Seattle

Lady Grace Acadmy located in Houstin Texas

“N is the undisputed NC-17 of burlesque and a queer, schizophrenic, anti-social mad scientist genius with a mind so dark and x-rated that she will captivate and scare you all at the same time! Her deadly works of performance art are political, scary and most importantly leaves you thinking. She provokes issues through her art and is not afraid to cross boundaries.

She is a co-founder and co-producer of HyperGender Burlesque, a monthly themed queer cabaret that can only be described as Gritty, Dirty, Sexy Performance Art.”

gravity :def’n (1 a) dignity of bearing
St. Louis socialites Katrina Dohl and Michelle Mynx have been traveling the world as Gravity Plays Favorites for almost four years. Born into the seedy underbelly of St. Louis, these classically trained pole dancers quickly developed their skills to suit any performance, from neo-burlesque clubs and festivals to circus and museum events. They are regular performers for the New York Burlesque Festival and the Miss Exotic World Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. This is their second trip to Toronto.”


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