Blinking Pigs…

03 Feb

…represents my confusion with these two topics: First I’ve never seen quotations used in such an unnecessary context. May I’m just a nit picker but in this whole issue of how this American Christian group kidnapped these children, I would like to know why are the words kidnapping and stealing are constantly being put into quotations, as if they’re kind of down playing the whole issue. A group of adults went to an orphanage and stole some children against their will. They didn’t ‘kidnap’ them. They kidnapped them. Plan and simple. To make it even worse, some of the children had parents and were simply displaced because of the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti. I want to know what exactly were these God fearing people going to do with the 30 or so kids when they got them to the Dominican Republic? Put them in a ‘better’ orphanage or find random families to take care of them? Or from there eventually ship them off to the United States? Who knows. I do know that if a bunch a black folks went down to a white children’s shelter in Idaho, broke in and took 30 children and tried bring them to the south for a better life, they’re ass would be in prison so fast with out possibility of parole and the words kidnapped and stolen would not be put into quotations. Anyways these morons are in jail and I hope Haiti makes an example out of them. Christian group my ass. When they were questioned by authorities, they simply took out their bibles and started quoting scriptures. Hm. I guess the forgot Exodus 20: 15 “Thou shalt not steal”

Moving on. To another slightly confusing issue. The new Vanity Fair’s March issue. The cover and issue celebrates Hollywoods new wave of fresh celebrities. The problem? Everybody on the issue is lily white and bone thin. An article about this ‘problem’ was written by a white woman, venting on the lack of diversity on the cover. Now from the black women’s perspective this seems like a normal cover to me. I mean it is a white magazine. When is the last time you saw a Black woman on Cosmopolitan, Glamour, or Vouge. When is the last time these magazine celebrated Black history month. I mean what would be public out cry is if Essence of Ebony suddenly had Taylor Swift, Pink, or Lady GaGa spread out on the cover. No offense to these women but um, that would be slightly disturbing to me, since Essence and Ebony are catered to Black women. The author of the article wanted to know why there weren’t women of color on the cover. Why? Trust me Black women don’t give a damn what the hell is on the cover of Vanity Fair. That magazine is not for US. So why should I expect it to represent US.

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