Valentines is for Suckers…

14 Feb

However I will be celebrating it…or at the very least, taking notice of it this year with 3 three special people. Unfortunately I work,  she’s sick, and transportation or what I thought I would have, is non-exsistent. But it’s okay. Nothing says Valentines like simplicity. And I like things simple….

Not to sound like a nostalgic debbie downer, but I’ve never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Probably as far as I can remember. I’m guessing it was simply envy, because I’ve never recieved a cookie gram from a ‘secret admirer’ in highschool. Never walked around school or work with my huge stuffed teddy bear and ballons. I would vent to my fellow outcast about how ridiculous they looked with their stupid heart shaped ballons and boxes of candy, which they probably brought themselves, parading around like there boyfriends gave it to them. Idiots…

And of course I had girlfriends, with the same ‘rage against Valentine’s Day’ mind frame. Claiming we’re not going to let society tell US when to celebrate OUR love! So there!  …..

Yeah so there…There we sat on Valentine’s Day, me probably reading, her, watching T.V. eating yesterday’s left overs. Our way of protesting Valentines. While I secretly wished this was all a joke and she actually had a steamy rose petaled bath going on in the next room. Oysters and wine as a before sex appetizer, and new tantra positions to practice as we slather ourselves in sticky honey, with random candy in the sheets as we make ourselves into human candy balls…hmm

Anywho, Happy Valentines Veronique ….

finally I write my third blog, this ones for u

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Posted by on February 14, 2010 in dear diary, Lesbo stuff


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