Hair Wars…

17 Feb

Right now I’m at odds. I so wanted to wear my hair natural tomorrow for work. But it’s just not looking right. Is it possible to say I want my natural to look DONE, when actually natural hair in its natural state is really not DONE at all. It just…. is. Its wavy, curly, crazy, has its own personality does its own thing. But…today, its just looking dry, unkempt, and of course I don’t have my usual products that I put on when I do wear the natural do. I like defined curls and a slight shine. And today, its just not cutting it. Plus I need my ends trimmed and maybe a little salon maintaince to get it make up to par. *sigh* anywho I will still do it natural, but this time with the ghetto ponytail. You know, super slicked back, with the afro puff in the back. So yeah kinda dissappointed with that…while doing my hair it reminded me of my younger days when I didnt have rent, bills, and I could make my bi-weekly trips to the salon. Use to go this lady who had a hole in the wall shop, but she could press hair like nobody’s business. But of course you had to put up with certain things like her eating sunflower seeds, peanuts, or anything with a shell, continuiously talking on her cell phone, and cussing out her bad ass kids that roamed the salon, all while having a scalding hot pressing comb barely a centimeter from your scalp…But you put up with it cause hey, who else could turn your coily tight tendrils into super straight blowing in the wind locks. Just like I want my natural hair done with a certain curl n shine. When I wear it straight I want it STRAIGHT. So I’ll put up with some bullshit to get it done right. But this was the final straw. A few times during my visits I started noticing a familiar smell everytime she washed my hair. Which I thought was odd because they’re supposed to be using  salon based shampoo. And everytime I looked at her shelf, nothing ever looked familiar. But time and time again, this SMELL would take me back, like “I use that. Daily. What is that smell.” Well one day, I eventaully found out, when I was getting my hair washed once again,  a client made a comment saying, “Girl, you use THAT?” Hair stylist replying, “Yes, girl. It gets all that grease out. Its good.” Curious, after she moved on to the next client I turned toward the shelf in order to see this mysterious product. Low and behold it was a big yellow bottle of dish washing liquid! That lemony fresh smell I thought I recognized, was the same product I used to wash my damn dishes! Never the less that was the final straw. She was quickly replaced. Soon after that, I began hearing other stories of how she would have ziploc bags full of cloths detergent powder, cleaning folks hair. WTF.

Anywho, found these photos, which makes me proud to be a nappy head:)

Oh and thats me on a good nappy day…

Other beautiful naturals…

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