Stop Bitchin’ and Start a Revolution

26 Feb

Since the L Word, Noah’s Ark, and even Queer as Folk, have all been discontinued there has been the ever present complaints of  “Well hell, what am I going to watch now” “Where can I go to see gays and lesbians” “Who’s gonna make the next queer show.” Well thanks to the World Wide Web, we don’t have to wait for some major network to give us the okay on our gay and lesbian shows.  Starting with the Lovers and Friends Show, which is an ‘online’ show. Featuring a Black and Latina cast which is based around lesbo drama and more lesbo drama. You know, the stuff we love. And characters we love to hate. This is like a replacement for the L Word. However, this series is more relatable. They could all be your next store neighbor. Which would be hot, cus my neighbors suck. Anywho the reason I put the word online in qoute because well, only the fisrt episode is online and avaiable to watch and the rest you have to buy on DVD. Now, wait before you move on to the next free online lesbo show, the DVD is only like 15 bucks for the first season, thats like one movie ticket and season two is like 24 bucks. I’m not sure people realize this becasue everytime I check their site out, there’s comments on top of commets like “Loved the first episode, where can I check out the rest” or “Come on, ya’ll just left me hangin’ where’s the rest” or friends telling me “I can’t find the show. They only have one episode up” ….Okay, my black people I’m only gonna say this once….YOU HAVE TO BUY THE DVDS!!!!!  Since the L-Word I’ve heard from my people and myself how great it would be to have a Black or more ethnic version of the L-Word. Well hell, here it is. Please support them so perhaps one day they can be mainstreamed one day. I will be receiving my dvds in the mail next week, so excited. You asked for it, so here it is. Please check them out and support them.   Lovers and Friends Show

I really like Zaire, who plays Diedra. She hot and has an interesting personality on and off screen

Somebody else reads Octavia Butler besides me:)

Other online queer shows to check out:

(if all this seems slightly familiar, got this info from CURVE magazine…so for people who have no clue what that is tsk, tsk, check it out.)     Diggin this show, makes you wish your lesbian life was so much more interesting and kinda makes you wanna rob a bank…diggin criminal chicks:)   Chica Busca Chica (Girl meets Girl)

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