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Diggin’ this guy

Was loving this guys vibe, outlook, and personality when he aired on the Wendy Williams show today. Heard of him from other talk shows but just never paid attention. Well I am now.

Whether your gay, straight, queer, whatever, you have to admit he’s the cutest little British guy, with a certain… street(?) swagger. And plus he wants to rid America of their unhealthy eating habits one city at a time.   Staring with Huntington, West Virginia which is claimed as one of the most unhealthy cities in America. The series, “Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution” airs tonight on ABC. He hopes to teach this town how to rediscover a new and healthier way of cooking. Hopefully taking Huntington off the list of unhealthy cities.

I like the way he stated that If you know how to cook neither time or money is an issue. And some of the best meals he’s had were in some of the poorest house holds. Ain’t that the truth. I know my father could always make something out of nothing and it was damn good:)

If I’m not mistaken Jaime has written 12 books, has aired in over 16 tv shows and even has his own magazine. I love his style of cooking. It’s healthy and actually taste good. And he’s not one of those health freaks which excludes meat, primarly bacon from your diet. And I love me some bacon. It’s all about moderation. I’ma push aside my Neely recipes and try something new.

Since I love Ceasar salads, I couldnt wait to make this version. It looks so delicious. And has two of my favorite meats: anchovies and BACON!

caesar salad bites

snacks and sides | serves 8, or 4 if you’re feeling greedy!
This is a brilliant idea for a picnic with a handy homemade sachet of dressing.

Lay the pork belly slices on a non-stick baking tray and bake in the oven or under the grill for about 20 to 30 minutes or until cooked, golden brown and crispy.

Remove the pork, chop the strips into chunks or leave whole, if you wish. Set aside. Toast the bread cubes in the pork fat under the grill until brown and crispy.

Dress the anchovies with a little lemon juice and zest, extra virgin olive oil and some chopped flat-leaf parsley. To make a dressing for the salad, use 3 parts extra virgin olive oil to 1 part lemon juice and season it well with salt and pepper. Line a cup with cling film, pour the dressing in, gather up the edges and tie in a knot. Now you have a homemade sachet of salad dressing!

Trim the lettuce back until you get to the pale inner leaves. Wash well and spin dry.

Take a leaf of cos lettuce and fill it with croutons, pork, tomatoes, Parmesan and an anchovy. Prick the bag and drip some salad dressing over the top and tuck in!



• 8 thin slices of pork belly, the best quality you can afford
• 2 handfuls of sugar lump-sized pieces of stale bread, crusts removed
• 10 fresh anchovies
juice and zest of 2 lemons
• extra virgin olive oil
a sprig of fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped
• 2 cos lettuces
a few cherry tomatoes, washed
• Parmesan shavings
• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
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Another taste of Burlesque

Mangos with Chili

the floating cabaret of QTPOC

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…the dopest Ethiopian…

…and sometimes thinkin of who She will be…


         I know but a girl can dream can’t      ………..           she?         

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The Old One Hundreds

Recently joined St John Missionary Baptist Church in the 90’s on Facebook. Funny seeing all the threads starting with ‘Remember junior usher board’ ‘ Remember church camp’ ‘Remember Brother so-n-so on the drums and keyboards’ ‘Remember Sister so-n-so always catching the Holy Ghost’…

Even though as a adult on my journey through life I have no urge to step into church to celebrate/worship through some organized religion, I do have to admit I actually had some good moments in the house of God. I remember we used to have ‘lockdowns’…I think that’s what it was called. And these lockdowns would consist of all the pre-teens and youths sleeping over at the church. We would camp out with our sleeping bags, sleeping under pews and on top of pews or all of us just hundled in the banquet room. And in those days, nobody was quite that fast…yet. So sleeping quarters were all co-ed. Girls ‘innocently’ snuggled under boys, limbs haphazardly  and/or purposely sprawled across each others bodies, girl-talks going on until 3 or 4 in the morning. There was no curfew…we were in church.

Then there was choir practice. Which was simply an easy attempt to get out the house and hangout with your girls, (or boys). Sure we practiced singing. But thats not the only reason  we were there. It was the after choir hang outs that everybody came for. In the church parking lot was the good gossip, in the banquet hall you heard whispers of breakups and makeups, and right outside the dining room door you saw everything from first kisses to first punches. We purposely told our parents to pick us up about a half hour late just so we could hang.

These were good times because we could have been anywhere. Perhaps on the streets acting a fool like half the kids my age were doing. But no, we were at church. And it was actually cool.

But I do have to say that sanging  the ‘Old One Hundreds’ are one of my most vivid memories. And anybody that knows these hymns know that they can last anywhere to 5 mins to half a damn hour to forever. But it was tradition and I was raised up on singing the Old One Hundreds. Crazy how when I tried to research it, for one couldnt find anything and two the churchs that sung these were of course down south churchs. Mississippi…Lousiana…but Im from a church in Southern Cali and we were representing the ‘Old One Hundreds’ lol, funny how people continue with tradition no matter where they relocate to. Im blessed to have been even bought up in this tradition. I have some folks (black baptist folks) who don’t even know what the “Old One Hundrends” are.  Here’s a little clip of an actual ‘Old One Hundred’. However, it is clearly a snippet because they usually last anywhere from  10 mins to like I said forever…gotta love em

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Thinkin’ about the years I was raised…

Finally watched “Precious.” I know, I’m so late. But I don’t do the whole movie theatre thing. Since I’m a magnet for weirdos I always get the idiots who decide to talk on their cells, tap relentlessy on the back of my chair, discuss (loudly) every detail of the movie, decide this is the time they want to listen to all 48 snippets of their ringtones, all while telling their roudy ass kids to shut up and sit the yell down…  Anyway…that’s why I just wait for stuff to come out on Redbox for a dollar, gotta love it.

Well “Precious” was definitly deep. There were a couple of scenes that kind of got to me. Specifically the classroom scenes with Miss Rain. Each one of those students… I knew each one of them. They were the girls in my highschool class. 2nd period…math class…PE, on the school bus…There was a Rhonda (the jamaica girl) no-nonsense. In my school she was the Somalian, the African, the one who wore her heritage on her sleeve… Rita, real, not the best past, but ready for change… Jermaine, the lesbian. We all knew a Jermaine. And back in my day we didn’t have the word ‘stud’, (hey, I’m older than I look) it was  simply ‘that girl’ ‘that thing’ ‘it’ But this girl always carried herself with a certain swagger, that you just couldn’t touch. And of course you wouldn’t dare call her an ‘it’ to her face. Cus without a doubt she’ll fuck you up…Conseula, bitchy, moody, I knew a couple of those, but at the end of the day, they probably just needed a shoulder to cry on and a hug…Joanne, very outgoing and outspoken. I mean if your favorite color is ‘fluorescent beige’ we already know you gotta  ‘colorful’ personality. She’s not for you, but not a against you. She’s about Joanne. In order to cover up pain, she laughs and jokes and is loud and bubbly. But we all know what it really is…And of course we all knew a Precious, whether she was a loudie or the girl that sat by herself at lunch time. She was just there. Like hedges are just there, like cracks in the sidewalk are just there, you didnt interact with her unless it was completely necessary. And when a Precious did cross your mind, you (I) kinda felt pity…questions of why is she so…how come she doesn’t just…And before you can even dwelve into a deeper thought process, my young mind simply shruged it off and moved on to things less thought provoking.

It just took me back to the innocence of highschool. How at times we had to assume adult roles, we had adult things happening to us, we had to go home  and be the adults, yet we were all just kids. Just wanting to be kids. The scene when they went to the museum portrayed that very well.

And little things like the slight attachments the youth had with each other, when Rita, feeling a sense of protection, takes Precious’s hand when Joanne playfully bumps her from behind. The picture on Precious’s hospital wall of Rhonda and Jermaine together, leaves viewer to wonder hmm…are they?…

Just the innocence of it all, reminded me of my days in highschool.  And as an adult I look back at all the Consuela’s and Rita’s and Precious’s and think…wow, what was really going on. And I wonder what would have been different had I just smiled and said…hi

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My day off and it was a pretty lazy day. I literally slept in all day and it felt amazing. My body was tired, so I listened to it. I dozed in and out until about 4pm then finally decided it was time to start the day. I also had a Aha moment this morning, right before I was going to try my luck and buy a very expensive raffle ticket (hey, its for charity) then I was gonna do some online shopping and blow my entire paycheck so I could update my wardrobe, make a desperate call to the hair salon.  (a mess) Then I was going to stock up and fill up my fridge and cupboards. Then suddenly a thought came to me. What the hell am I doing. I’m in negative balance. I have debt. Specifically a payment thats been hanging over my head for the last year. So this morning I sadly said goodbye to a much needed updated wardrobe and called these credit people and told them I wanted to pay my balance in full. It was weird, I felt like I had some type of warrant out for my arrest and I was turning myself in. However, I can’t believe how relieve I feel. It’s finally paid off! Didn’t want to be like those women wearing the trendiest cloths with their hair right, but without a dime in the bank account.  Not the business:-/

And since I’ve been slacking in the kitchen I rewarded myself with a good ole home cooked meal. A garden variety of seasoned and glazed veggies,  spicy salmon, a glass of white wine and a bomb ass sweet potato pie. And it was good! I surprise myself:) Anywho, I am well and rested and fed. It’s a good life

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Rachel Roy and Estelle collaborate to create a bold yet very feminine collection of jewelry. From talon shaped rings and tie clips to intriguing purple rock candy necklaces and braclets. I love Rachel Roy’s collection and Estelle is very funky and trendy. Perfect duo


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