Rising Stars…

01 Mar

 Skylar Cooper transcends the boundaries of gender and sexuality. Though not transgendered, she clearly represents the butch lesbian. Aside from labels and appearance, this woman is making it happen in film. Her most recent film Elena Undone (2010) which explores two women from two very diverse backgrounds. When chance brings them together, thier preconcieved notions about love and life takes a dramatic turn as they speed through a collision course of lies, secrecy, and love.  Also on her list of films are The Owls (2010), The Insomniacs (2008), Don’t Go (2007), Butch Mystique (2003).

Looks familiar? But cant put your tongue on it? I mean finger:) This beautiful young lady is of course Rose Rollins. You know, Tasha from the L-Word, Monique from GirlTrash. Our favorite black lesbian character. Yes, character. She’s not gay in real life. Dammit…lol Anywho, her first tv appearance being the “The West Wing”.  After that also appearing in several movies and tv series such as Mission: Impossible III, “CSI: NY”, “In Justice” and many more. Rose is definitly here to stay.

Now lets talk music…

This Nigerian born songtress appropriately named Nneka, which means “Mother is supreme, Mother is the best” mixes hiphop and soul with English and her traditional Nigerian language Igbo. Nneko focuses on issues such as poverty, war, and capatalism. Still reminiscing off  of Lauryn Hill (her first album), wish Floetry would hurry up and come out with something…well Nneka is definitly the one to pick up. With her third album, (1st U.S. release) “Concrete Jungle” out in stores, she will mos def be playing in my mp3

Andreya Triana. Remeber this name because she is definitely a rising star. Hailing from South East London, this beautiful singer and songwriter infuses her music with a little bit of jazz, funk, and nu soul. Starting out in a band called Bootis, she is now embarking on a solo journey of her own. Love her voice…just listen…

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