Black Woman Scorned

02 Mar

Now every once in a while I’ll buy an Essence magazine depending on who’s on the  cover and what they’re discussing inside. Recently a friend gave me a subscription to Essence so now I’ll be getting it monthly. Okay cool. Clearly I missed Feburary’s issue because in the “Letters to the Editor” section there was a huge hoopla about Reggie Bush who was previously featured on the issue.  The section began with a note from the editor stating “…Through letters, e-mails and tweets you overwhelmingly expressed your thoughts about the selection of Reggie Bush…Many of you felt Bush was not an ideal choice…”     Okay, lets stop right there. Now the thoughts going through my mind as I’m reading this is “Wait, who is Reggie Bush again?” Next is “Wow this dude most have did some trifling things in his past. Domestic violence perhaps, caught doing drugs, or maybe cheating on his wife, has 5 unknown kids on the side? …something. However low and behold, (after doing a Wiki search on him) he’s just or all american football player, apparently he’s really GOOD. (dont judge me, not a football fan or a MAN fan) …seems like the whole noise and commotion is not because he’s a killer or psycho, its becasue he dating a ‘white’ girl. Or let me adjust that, he’s not dating one of us. I nearly fell out my seat. Not because he’s dating white, but because of the anger that was expressed by so many black women in this magazine.  Comments ranging from “…(its) a clear indication that African-American women could not “live (their) fantasy” with him” and “I am saddened that Essence chose to highlight Reggie Bush. There are so many other Black men, dating Black women…” and “There are plenty of chocolate brothers who deserve this honor”  and “Stop promoting Black men who do not support Black women”  And if that was not ridiculous enough there was even a  1 and half  page article posted by a Jemilah Lemieux describing her stand against Black men dating outside their race. Her argument? Reggie Bush doesnt represent or love  Black women. Therefore he should be in Essence.  Um last time I checked, wasnt this 2010. Why are black women still tripping off this issue. It was stated in the article how she has been over looked several times, because Black men perfer White women. And she claims that at the club there are so many single Black women, while white women are never dateless. She also talked about  how hurt she feels whenever she see’s a Black man dating a white woman. She states that Black men use the sterotype of Black women being too loud, or bossy, and having too much baggage to justify them dating white women.

Well I say, this chick sounds bitter as hell and she’s making all (straight) Black women appear bitter also. Just like Black men have their justifications for dating a specified type, Black women can be just as picky. I mean there is no doubt in my mind a Black women as turned down a good Black man becasue he made an hourly wage instead of a salary, or perhaps this good Black man had a ‘scary’ looking  front tooth, or this good Black man’s ideal of fun was going to a Star Trek convention, or this good Black man was a dash over 5’1. I mean I’ve heard it all. Black women refusing to date these Black men over some petty ass shit. Then they get mad when they head over to the other team. Lets take this example and run with it: Black boy in highschool naturally diggin Black girls. However, one side of the Black girl spectrum are the ‘loudies’ (ghetto as some call it), eye rollin, neck poppin’, ready to call you out in front of your homeboys because you came to school rocking L.A. Gears. This black boy is naturally turned off and heads to the other side of the spectrum. The ‘good girl’ type the ‘black cheerleader’ type the ‘the popular one’. But low and behold these chicks don’t give this brother the time of day. Looks right through him. Time and time again he’s placed in these situations, highschool, college, the workplace, the bar. What is a brother to do?

Play the other field. Hell, thats the only logical choice. And brother I feel you. Now I’m not saying that’s why all Black men date outside their race but I am positive that this is a common situation for a brother.

It’s sad that we wouldnt ‘support’ a man like Reggie Bush simple because of who he dates. But Black women have stood by such Black men as Tupac, great artist but a criminal and alleged rapist, P Diddy, who’s had countless affairs with women and even got one pregnant, Chris Brown, need I say more, Michele Vic, animal abuser,Lil Wayne, all those damn kids, R. Kelly, pedofile…

Yet, Black women stand by these ‘men’ time and time again.

Reggi Bush a brother, who could be  selling drugs, in jail, low life  with no job living with his mama,  is actually doing his damn thing with his football career.  And has even donated $50,000 to a local Catholic  school which teaches the disabled  in New Orleans after the tragic hurricane.  But yet Black women dispise him for dating outside his race. So therefore we support trifling men simply because they havn’t crossed over to the other side.

Come on people

We need to get our priorities straight

*Disclaimer -my use of  the term ‘Black women’ does not apply to ALL Black women , so chill out*

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