02 Mar

My beautiful friend, bless her heart, old chick…I always end up befriending older women. But she’s hot, you would never guess her age, with her skinny jeans and knee high boots, with the six inch heel…Work it girl! Anywho, she’s all about southern comfort, she brings me a plate, I give her a glass of wine, I borrow her dvd’s, she borrows my flat iron, I give her some groud coffee, she gives me a plastic tub of…her old ‘hand-me-downs’? What the?…like a good neighbor I smile and nod, and lug this big ass 50 lbs tub of cloths back to my place. She’s way to femme for my taste, but I’m like what the hell, let me dig through this and see what I can find. Hm, nothing but a box full of 1960’s wardrobe or something her momma wore when she was young, or her mama’s mama. Anyways the shit was ‘not the business’ Did she even take into account what my personal style is.  Anyways that was a while ago, and the stupid plastic tub is still in my house, filled with cloths the goodwill wouldnt even take. Guilt and plan ole fear of hearing my mama’s mouth of how I threw away a bucket full of ‘good’ cloths, prevents me from tossing that shit in the garbage. And too lazy to drag that mess to my friends doorstep…so here it sits. Yet everytime we meet, that damn bucket of cloths is the last thing on my mind. Ugh, annoyances…I know, I’ll drag it to the sidewalk during the night and post a ‘Free, Please take Me’ sign to it.   I’m betting it’ll still be there…but, it’ll be out my damn house:)

Um. watching  jay leno right now. Well more like it’s watching me, however it caught my eye that Jaime Foxx was on and well…lets just say “Say No To Drugs” kids. Dude was flippin out. Fuckin weirdo

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