strange fruit…

02 Mar

…and another lesson learned…I love life…the strange way it has of teaching you life lessons…the way you can laugh or cry and say ‘”wow, I’ll never let that happen again” …people are strange, I stopped trying to figure them out…my main focus is figuring myself out…and my own personal journeys…I’m feelin’ me and I’m where I’m suppose to be…


I cringe as I read
They are so immersed in their own…
They fail to see other’s pain and purpose.
Other’s thoughts and well being.
They call it self love… self…therapy
I see self pity
I see her and I write through her
how  it feels to be someone’s protector
 To be,
their eyes, their ears, their words.
How it feels to know if you blink or
they will no longer be there
How the world see’s us, This bond.
There is much confusion, How do I explain
I want to engulf her,
in so many ways
with passion ?
lust ?
this forceful energy
that pulsate’s around me,
but beats for her
She is my possession
When I look across the room and meet her eyes
She’s with…her’s
     and I’m—
She knows, that she’s mine
When her thigh is gently being carassed by…her
Yes, one hand on her thigh, her eyes holding mine
She knows , that she is still mine
This is not some chess match…that will eventually end
No trinkets of
have been exchanged
There’s no need for constant reminders…of
This, Us
don’t need validation
And my little one
You, don’t need to say a word
The hell that I have been through
The pain that I have seen you through
  The innocence of your love
The love that I can do no wrong
And when I am wrong my love,
   You are there,
When I’m right—
  Your love
Is like
  This rememberance of
Some kind of past time
A warm, soft body, a loving gentle tone, that scent
hopes, dreams, memories that suggest forgiveness and patience
This is what my little girl gives me
what I need
This, Us, We,
are rare, uncommonly rare, yet


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