“Just Clicking”

04 Mar

uglyblackjohn said

“I think ones standards change as we age.
In youth “just clicking” is the ideal perception of love.
As we age, more practical matters become our focus.”

Comment from Nickel for a Thought‘s blog. Was interested in the blog, but this comment to her blog caught my eye even more.

So…fucking…true. I used to always tell my friends that I just wanna be able to ‘click’ with somebody. If I ‘click’ with them, then I’ve found ‘The One.’ Using those exact words.

The older you get the more you know what you want out of a life partner.


The less things you are willing to put up with from that potential life partner.

I have bestfriends all the way from junior highschool that I ‘click‘ with. Me and my drinking buddy ‘click‘ very well. I like to think I ‘click‘ with the post lady, the way she smiles and strikes up conversation when I pick up my mail.

I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to hold that ‘click‘ standard to a life partner. I mean really. It doesn’t make sense.

Shouldn’t there be more to a relationship than just ‘CLICKIN‘?

I would like to think so

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