Au Naturale

05 Mar

Now this isn’t new, I know plenty of women who don’t shave their legs. ME, being one of them. I last put a razor down there… hm…I’m thinking …prom. And that was like 10 years ago. However, thank the moon and stars that my hair doesn’t even show. Its super fine and barely there. Yippee!

Now Monique on the other hand. Well, I mean just zoom in to the picture. I really don’t think you have to zoom in. Monique speaks about her hairy legs along with her open marriage. She claims she’s never had sex outside the marriage. However, she said this with a bit of hesitation. Like perhaps she might have ‘made out’ with someone, but didnt quite do the do. (Just sayin) And she says her husband Sidney could have had sex outside the marriage, but that’s not going to be a deal breaker. Hm kay. I wonder who’s ideal it was to have this ‘open marriage’ when only one person seems to be participating in its openness. She also comments that having sex outside the marriage is not considered cheating (to her), its when you become emotionally attached to someone else other than your spouse.

Well go head Monique with your open marriage. I know my future partner better not come to be with that bullshit! Lol. But whatever floats your boat. Whatever works for your marriage, right. The full interview airs Sunday night with Barbara Walters.

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