Lesbo App

09 Mar

Would it be wrong to hand a date a Lesbo App. over coffee. I mean a Lesbian Dating Application. I would have her fill it out right in front of me before any further discussion takes place. After she’s finished, I would quietly look it over. And after confirming that she would make a good assest to by business, I mean…me, then I would continue the date. If I see that she clearly doesn’t qualify, I would simply finish my coffee and keep it pushin’.

After she passes the interview process, which would consist of several dates (of course no home visits or sex, that would mean she got the job, I mean… me), then I would go about getting background checks.

What are her friends like? Does she have any friends?  Does mental illness run in your family? Will you be willing to swap STI documents?  *Note-Answering no to this question will promptly result in the rejection of your application.

After she successfully passes the background check, she will be put on a 90 day probation period. Meaning her ‘benefits’ would not kick in till she has completed them.

After she has successfully completed the 90 days, she is officially hired…I mean we’re officially a couple.

Is this too extreme? Sometimes I wish I would handed past dates and relationships my Lesbo App. Would it have filtered out the crazies? (clearing my throat) you know who you are.

Anywho, just a thought.

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