17 Mar

My day off and it was a pretty lazy day. I literally slept in all day and it felt amazing. My body was tired, so I listened to it. I dozed in and out until about 4pm then finally decided it was time to start the day. I also had a Aha moment this morning, right before I was going to try my luck and buy a very expensive raffle ticket (hey, its for charity) then I was gonna do some online shopping and blow my entire paycheck so I could update my wardrobe, make a desperate call to the hair salon.  (a mess) Then I was going to stock up and fill up my fridge and cupboards. Then suddenly a thought came to me. What the hell am I doing. I’m in negative balance. I have debt. Specifically a payment thats been hanging over my head for the last year. So this morning I sadly said goodbye to a much needed updated wardrobe and called these credit people and told them I wanted to pay my balance in full. It was weird, I felt like I had some type of warrant out for my arrest and I was turning myself in. However, I can’t believe how relieve I feel. It’s finally paid off! Didn’t want to be like those women wearing the trendiest cloths with their hair right, but without a dime in the bank account.  Not the business:-/

And since I’ve been slacking in the kitchen I rewarded myself with a good ole home cooked meal. A garden variety of seasoned and glazed veggies,  spicy salmon, a glass of white wine and a bomb ass sweet potato pie. And it was good! I surprise myself:) Anywho, I am well and rested and fed. It’s a good life

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Posted by on March 17, 2010 in dear diary


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