Thinkin’ about the years I was raised…

18 Mar

Finally watched “Precious.” I know, I’m so late. But I don’t do the whole movie theatre thing. Since I’m a magnet for weirdos I always get the idiots who decide to talk on their cells, tap relentlessy on the back of my chair, discuss (loudly) every detail of the movie, decide this is the time they want to listen to all 48 snippets of their ringtones, all while telling their roudy ass kids to shut up and sit the yell down…  Anyway…that’s why I just wait for stuff to come out on Redbox for a dollar, gotta love it.

Well “Precious” was definitly deep. There were a couple of scenes that kind of got to me. Specifically the classroom scenes with Miss Rain. Each one of those students… I knew each one of them. They were the girls in my highschool class. 2nd period…math class…PE, on the school bus…There was a Rhonda (the jamaica girl) no-nonsense. In my school she was the Somalian, the African, the one who wore her heritage on her sleeve… Rita, real, not the best past, but ready for change… Jermaine, the lesbian. We all knew a Jermaine. And back in my day we didn’t have the word ‘stud’, (hey, I’m older than I look) it was  simply ‘that girl’ ‘that thing’ ‘it’ But this girl always carried herself with a certain swagger, that you just couldn’t touch. And of course you wouldn’t dare call her an ‘it’ to her face. Cus without a doubt she’ll fuck you up…Conseula, bitchy, moody, I knew a couple of those, but at the end of the day, they probably just needed a shoulder to cry on and a hug…Joanne, very outgoing and outspoken. I mean if your favorite color is ‘fluorescent beige’ we already know you gotta  ‘colorful’ personality. She’s not for you, but not a against you. She’s about Joanne. In order to cover up pain, she laughs and jokes and is loud and bubbly. But we all know what it really is…And of course we all knew a Precious, whether she was a loudie or the girl that sat by herself at lunch time. She was just there. Like hedges are just there, like cracks in the sidewalk are just there, you didnt interact with her unless it was completely necessary. And when a Precious did cross your mind, you (I) kinda felt pity…questions of why is she so…how come she doesn’t just…And before you can even dwelve into a deeper thought process, my young mind simply shruged it off and moved on to things less thought provoking.

It just took me back to the innocence of highschool. How at times we had to assume adult roles, we had adult things happening to us, we had to go home  and be the adults, yet we were all just kids. Just wanting to be kids. The scene when they went to the museum portrayed that very well.

And little things like the slight attachments the youth had with each other, when Rita, feeling a sense of protection, takes Precious’s hand when Joanne playfully bumps her from behind. The picture on Precious’s hospital wall of Rhonda and Jermaine together, leaves viewer to wonder hmm…are they?…

Just the innocence of it all, reminded me of my days in highschool.  And as an adult I look back at all the Consuela’s and Rita’s and Precious’s and think…wow, what was really going on. And I wonder what would have been different had I just smiled and said…hi

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