30 Apr

I am so in need of a career change. Its like the older you get, the more you realize the importance of waking up to do what you most love. Just having that paycheck is not cutting it anymore. Since my move here to this hot ass desert, I have definitly been on a rollercoaster as far as career wise. After enjoying working at the YW for a year and a half which was challenging yet fun, supportive, and structured. Then working one day a week at a day spa, which I absolutly loved, I felt I was fortunate to wake up going to 2 jobs I adored. Fast foward to my move, I expected a smooth transition. A replica of my past work experiences. Well Im guessing that’s why they call it LIFE. Because shit happens. And bascially I was knee deep in it on arrival. I couldn’t get a childcare job to save my life. And when jobs did seem promising, the wages were a complete joke. After that unsuccessful adventure I retreated back into massage, only to find out that I would need 100 more hrs added unto my already 600hrs. Of course, go figure. Yes, silly me should have done my research before hand. But would that have stopped me from moving, hm maybe, maybe not. Fast forward to today, I can’t wait to start taking my cont. ed classes for massage. However they won’t start till like August/September. But gives me time to get my funds right and all that good stuff. Really interested in  the LaStone class which incorporates cold stones not just hot ones and and also the Myotherapy class. Excited to have some extra experince on my resume instead of the same run of the mill: sweedish, deep tissue, aromatherpy, etc. The school also offers a meditation class. I may have to take that up. This is my ‘get shit done’ year. I got my list in hand and slowly marking off the task. Get job that offers full health benefits and everything under the sun (CHECK) Pay off that chunk of debt (CHECK) Pay off those little chucks of debt (CHECK, CHECK) other misc. goals (CHIGGIDY CHECK) But the way life works is that as soon as one is checked and off the list another one mysteriously appears. Gotta love it

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