I Would Have Killed Jenny in Season One

11 May

So the famo’s are coming to town and I’ll be sure to take plenty o:’ pics. I’m doing the whole au naturel thinga majig with the hair and I have to say it’s really cute. I’m sure the higher ups literally ran straight to the ‘grooming’ handbook to see what violations I was breaking, so far I havnt been handed the “that’s a little bit too negro for us” pinkslip. Mind you, in some cities and some jobs that shit still takes place. Like I said its cute, its one of those start a revolution hair styles, you know the type. Anywho I told the lil sis that I would hook her up with one when she stops by.  I was also thinking of sporting my ‘I would have killed Jenny….’ t-shirt while the famo was here. I love throwing subtle gay hints at the fam. I mean it’s not like my mom would know who the hell Jenny Shes-is-chick is anyway. And what about my very gay t-shirt with the rainbows plastered on every inch…does she actually know what the rainbow represents…and what about my “Do Ask, Do Tell” beater, which I havnt gotten yet, it’s coming. Will she look at me side ways. I know the look, the ‘mama look’, the lips pierced together look of disapproval, the “I know your not walking out the house like that” look. The “please don’t embarrass me in public” look. But isnt that what children do best. I mean no matter how old you grow, there’s this rebellious side that seems to remain between parent and child. And anywho, I love my mom to death, but to see that look and to know she can’t ground me anymore, is just classic and hilarious. 🙂

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