Red Hats

17 May

Amazing that a Wendy Williams show actually provoked deep intellectual thought. If for some rare reason I’m home around that time, I tune her in and it just so happened that Damon Wayons was featured. He was speaking about his new book “Red Hats” which actually sounded really interesting. About a woman who was always provoking her husband and starting drama. And one day she told him that she wish’s he would just die. And that’s exactly what he did. So now this woman has all this guilt resting on her shoulders. She eventually joins the this group of women. The Red Hat society. (I’m making up the society part, but you get it) and anyways, it’s through these women that she learns to cope and love herself again. I’m diggin’ that. And plus, it’s from one of the Wayan’s brother, so it has to be somewhat comedic. Weird because a few weeks ago I picked it up in Borders, but for some reason or another I ended up getting “Little Bee” instead. Interesting/Okay, read. Anyway, back to my point. Damon said something that really struck  me. He stated how he had all these short stories, finished and unfinished writings around his house. Everything from sci-fi, to mystery, to comedy. And he was saying that he was going through major writer’s block. He explained going overseas just to “find himself” and basically the idea of “Red Hats” came from his self discovery, so to speak. And I’m just feeling him at that moment like yeah Damon,  me too. I mean how many un-finished work just lies around, littered on usb and document drives, emails, journals and even scraps of paper. And the damn writers block, don’t even get me started. But he said one thing that struck me, was that he began starting a journal that began with, “I didnt write today because…” And the funny thing from that is that you simply began writing, just from that little sentence.  Today I didnt write (add to my story) because I couldn’t express any new ideas and honestly I wasnt even thinking about it. On top of that I have this ‘new’ story flooding my brain that I have yet to put into words….   

So basically thats how I’m going to start my day. Another thing added to the morning rituals,….meditations and stretching….

Anyway, recently or actually today I was reading a blog and saw a very familiar blog on their blogroll. A part of me was like ignore it, but a strong part was very curious. Since deleting pretty much any contact info from this SO, this blog was the only contact I had. So I click on and read the March blog dated sometime early March and this SO mentions me and somewhat explains her decisions (about us) and what not. I’m thinking wow, I am so late on reading this. Next, why couldnt this SO just verbally tell me. What’s the big deal. Anywho, if that SO is reading I wish them blessings in their journeys through life and I enjoyed a short but nice experience with them.

 Peace n blessings

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