Walking Home

27 May
After watching “Walking Home” I felt this sense of relief. Simply, about the fact that, wow I’m not the only one that this nonsense is happening to. I mean being harrassed on the street is no secret. But just the fact that someone made a documentry out of it…The only thing I can say is Thank You. I moved from a walking city, bike riding city, high usage of public transportation city, to a driving city where walking is unheard of. Which is understandable, because this damn place is so spaced out. Anyway, it took some adjusting and I’m still adjusting. I remember when I first moved to a certain block and I would walk from anywhere to the bus stop, or down the street to the store and I would get harrassed. It got to the point where I expected it.  My harrassment would come in all forms from the ‘subtle’ honking  horns excessively, whistling, to the annoying calls of “hey girl’ ‘hey,you gotta man” “hey you need a ride’ ‘hey, girl come here’ ‘hey, hey, hey’. To the extreme, where I was walking home at night and someone threw their water filled cup at me. I think it’s one of those things where you feel so many things at once (anger, frustration, fear) that at that moment I literally felt nothing at all.
And any woman knows, heaven forbid I don’t respond to their idiotic remarks, suddenly we become a bitch. A ‘fuck you bitch’ or ‘Bitch, you ugly anyway’ etc etc. Did I hurt their ego that much that I didnt go running to their oh so ‘romantic’ gestures. I’ve even had men who have followed me in their cars. Stopping at the intersection, when they clearly have the right away, waiting til I cross to suddenly pull up to me and stare me down or do the well known cat call. I’ve had men do complete 180’s in their car to see if I wanted a ride. Really? I mean how many women actually get in these guy’s cars. How many woman’s hearts flutter when some strange guy grabs us by the arm and says “What up, sexy” How many us silently think, “wow, I’ve met my prince charming when being followed by a huge black van. I would like to hope, NOBODY. So why do these idiots continue to do this.  I guess its not even about ‘getting’ the girl. There just doing it because they can. Its about power and simple ignorance and complete lack of respect
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