In Response to Curve’s Top 20

11 Jun

Upon picking up the recent issue of CURVE, they also had an article which listed the top 20 things a lesbian should have. And I’ll have to say that their article was funny and on point.

Yes of course lesbos need duct tape at all times. Comes in handy when I’m securing the missus to the bed post 🙂  And works like a charm when hemming my pants.  Wow I thought I was the only one who did that. And that ultra femme tool kit. Sweet. Not a pink person, but I’ll knock down a couple walls with that sleek hot pink hammer.

Good lube, of course a must.

Lesbo sex book. Duh. 

Cat. Really? Since I despise cats (it’s a learned behavior from my mom. Who would cringe and look away every time a kitty sang the meow meow song. And would step on the gas whenever one was in the middle of the street, u know, in order to run it over) So yeah, I therefore hate cats. Though its seems like I’m NOT supposed to and lesbos just love them. :-/

Black boots. Kinda on the fence. Bought my very first lesbo black stomping boots when I move to Minneapolis. They were my first love. I would trudge through 3 feet of snow like nobody’s business. Completely sturdy they also became my work boots, great support. However in this hot ass desert, unless the boots have a 4 inch heel there really is no reason for the military boot. boo hoo. I’ve long ago tossed mine upon moving to this hell, but they shall return…maybe accompanied by a Harley 😉  

 What I’m relieved they didnt have on the list are:

Crocs 😦 barf ..They are ridiculously ugly. Comfort doesnt count. And people always seem to tie those things in with being a Lesbian. Sooo not okay.

Flannel 😦 Major barf. Instead Curve kept it crisp and clean with a white button down. And what lesbian doesn’t look good in one of those.

What they missed? Hm. Well all lesbians need at least one graphic tee. Doesn’t matter if your a corporate lezzie or if your chopping down trees. Some cool graphic tee or one of those yes I’ma lesbo tees. You know the ones

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