Sweet Single’s Retreat

30 Jun

I sooo want  to go to this SWEET Retreat. It’s taking place in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and it’s a Singles Retreat 🙂 So no annoying couples drooling over each other. No third wheel situations, because everyone is single, right. It’s in May and I truely believe this place is calling my name. I’ve never been on an official vacation. And no, spending 7 days to visit family is not a vacation. Which I’ve been doing faithfully. I need a real vacation. And a retreat with a bunch of single lesbos, who identify with being single because they are on a single retreat, therefore I don’t even have to ask, yes this retreat is calling me. Plus it’s eco-friendly and I know they usually participate in volunteer stuff while on retreats or cruises. I’m not sure if their doing it on this retreat. They don’t have any specific entertainment/performers yet, but I’m sure they’ll be revealed as the date gets closer. Aside from anybody clearly reading the blog, I’m not going to blab to everyone about my future venture.  Only because I don’t want it to be all talk. I wanna be able to say, Yeah girl, I’ll see you in about 8 days. Im going on a retreat. Didn’t I tell you? As I’m reading over the Sweet website I’m thinking to myself. I think I’ll be going to this. I should be able to make it.  What has happened to my way of thinking. In the past I simply made it happen. Okay, so let’s get this crackin  I am going to that May 7 Sweet Single’s Retreat. And yes I will still be single by May. (I mean honestly, the eye candy out here is limited to stale totsie rolls and and yogurt covered raisins) barf

To Do list:

Call Sweet and make arrangements.

Make hair appt and buy that Aveda’s BrilliantTM Emollient Finishing Gloss (absolutely love this stuff. It has one of those scents that literally takes me back to when I was attending Aveda and living on my own for the first time) aww the memories

Get a second yoga mat. (My floor is so fucking hard)


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