Single and loving it (?)

03 Aug

Oh the woe’s of being single. I had one of those moment’s. The ‘wish I had a girlfriend right about now’ moment. Since I’m getting off work early (wooo hooo!) I now have tons of free time….alone (boo hoo). A huge cloud of reminicing loamed over me as I remembered how a day of getting off early was like winning a million bucks. Or simply winning a day to spend with my sweetie cakes. Whether it’s doing it big and skipping town for a day or simply gorging ourselves on junk food and liquor as we snuggle for movie time.  Yes, the ‘married’ days. I do miss it, but definitly not ready to jump in the ole lesbo fish bowl yet.   

I’ve been practicing my Think…Release meditations. I admit the first days of doing it were horrible. It’s like when I try to have a calm, peaceful, zen day it explodes in my face. I had the worst day at work. Everyone was pissing me off. Co-workers were irritating me. Guest were working my last nerve. And when I would try my meditation techniques they would just intensify my inner irritability. So I’m thinking as far as my personal preference for meditation, it has to be more of a sub-conscious process. When I focus to much on trying to be relaxed, I simply get the opposite reaction. It’s all a work in progress. This thursday we’re trying a walking meditation technique. Can’t wait. 🙂

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