06 Aug

May be getting a car this month. It’s a A to B, but whatever gets me around. But with that, Im going to have to postpone my Deep Tissue Sculpting class that is coming up later this month. Because I’m using my class money for the car. And its weird cus even though I need a car, and this friend is giving me this hoopty at a steal price, Im more disappointed that I won’t be taking my classes on track. I don’t actually have a deadline to take my hours. There is going to be another class the following month. But still its like damn. I had a goal, a specific timeline and now its all fudged up for the moment. So now instead of getting done by early October its going to be late November. Not a big difference, but STILL.

Meditation is going okay. This past class was a um forgot the name, but we had to tense up a certain body part for a few seconds then let it go. Tense up jaw, release. Tense up calves, release and so on. I didnt like it. Not sure if it was me or the actual meditation exercise. Is it corney to say that when I walk down the halls of the school I feel right at home. Its so comforting, safe, and just right.  I feel my body getting right on track and definitly getting stronger.  I swear my first day of class was like my first day on clinic floor at Aveda 6 yrs ago. Now everything is coming back to me. Feels lovely:)

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