Lions, Tigers, and …Headless bodies, Oh My!

04 Sep

Well according to Jan Brewer that is. During a debate, when asked by her opponent Terry Goddard about her claim on beheadings in Arizona, Brewer completely side stepped the question which is of course normal for a any politician. But when asked again to support and further discuss her claim on the headless bodies by reporters she blantanly refused to answer the question and began yipyapping away about issues completely irrelevant.  So much so that it was almost uncomfortable to watch. She would have been better off simply confessing that she had been misinformed and that they’re were actually no decapitated bodies in Arizona. (Side note* There actually was a body found without a head, but that was due to animals). And simply ended it as that. And as far as those strange awkward pauses…..(pause)…..(giggle,pause)….I really have no clue. Old age perhaps. Maybe she forgot to pick up her prescription. Could be anything. Maybe now Arizonians will wake up and stop jumping on the buffoonery bandwagon of politicians. It should also be noted that since the signing of the Arizona SB 1070, Brewer has been critized and has had personal attacks thrown towards her. One being that she is a Nazi. Well, her response to that was “…my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, …I lost him when I was 11 because of that…” Well come to find out (because I mean we do always find out) Brewer’s father actually died in 1955 from…(long uncomfortable pause)…lung cancer. And he never actually served in the military. Interesting.

Whatever happened to little white lies. Like “No, I didnt get this from Slauson swapmeat. This is a real Louis Vuitton bag.”  Or “No, my wife doesn’t work as a bartender. She’s a libation research specialist.” Or “No, thats not my highschool picture. That’s was taken a few weeks ago…I swear.”

Don’t these little liars no that they will eventaully get caught. I mean, it is 2010.  Is it even possible to lie anymore.

Anywho, I love Rachel Maddows report on Jan Brewers ‘performance.’ Her take on things is always hilarious.

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