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I’m Currently Obsessed with…

Im Currently Obsessed 🙂 Really diggin’ this site. Love love love their style and the beautiful fro’s. Where are all these women, lol? Cuz they’re sure as hell ain’t in Az. (Mental note to self. Move as soon as possible)  Going through this weird dry hair phase that I just can’t shake. And I know it’s not a product thing or a heat thing. I’ve literally only pressed my hair  4 times this yearI’ve been working the natural thing pretty much all year, just to give my hair a break. But…that’s exactly what it’s doing. Breaking!  I know it’s not a product thing cus I’m a product junkie and i’ve  tried it all. From the store bought to the homemade. To the actual science and structure  of my naps. I’m guessing it an internal issue. Just from common knowledge I know avocado’s are good for hair. Because of the protein, good fatty fats, and vitamin E. Also salmon and walnuts. And yes I’m eating these, not putting them on my hair. So this week I’ve been incorporating these into my diet. I’ll see if I start to see any change. I would take hair pills and someone also suggested prenatal pills(?) But I’m sooo not a pill popper. If I don’t see any difference with changing my diet then I’ll try that.

So in the mean time I’m pouting and having a ‘how come my hair doesnt look like  theirs‘ moment.

Here are current pics of me and my natural and how i usually wear it. Now that I’m looking I don’t have one of when I’m wearing a twist out. And I do sometimes wear that look.

**Took down pics. Thinking of making blog a little more anonymous(?) Laughing as Im typing this. We’ll see**

Products are so Over-rated

I think I’m all producted out. And done with looking at youtube videos on how they maintain their naturals and what products they use. Because honestly if your hair is damaged, it really doesnt matter what you use. Products can be like band-aids, simply covering the problem up. Take away the products and your hair is still a split end and dry mess. I learned this a few years ago when I went into the shop with the same problem I have now. Nothing was working so I told my hairdresser to give me a short do.’ Basically cut it all off. He refused, saying “You wanna cut all yo hair off! Uh-un girlfriend!” “Well could you please just cut all the damaged stuff off?”

Well thats what he did. My cut was amazing and what else was amazing was that when I washed my press out and went natural, it was like a whole new texure. It was soft, manageable and shiny. And my so-called tried and true products that I used, to give me this soft shiny look began collecting dust, because I simply didnt need them anymore. A light leave in misting and a light moisturizer and I was good to go. The power of healthy hair. I’m gettin there 🙂

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“Whip My Hair”-Willow

Absolutely love this video! It’s soooo cute:)

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