So you wanna be a Midwife….

20 Nov

Yeah, I do. I thinks its been in my subconscious for years. While working at a chiropractors office back in 04′ a coworker was discussing to me about how she wanted to become a midwife somethime in the future. We were both massage therapist at that time. For some reason that conversation always stuck in my head and here it is almost 6 years later and it’s finally clicking. Hm. Im really interested in this. Everything seems to be coming into play. After my Aha! moment and doing some research on Midwifery, my prenatal ceu’s. were coming up. Perfect. My 16hr weekend course was amazing. I loved it. And what do you know, there was a doula and a Midwife assisting the class. And she was a sistah 🙂  Our teacher Tiffany was amazing. Her overall energy was beautiful. I took a prenatal class when going to Aveda, but it was nothing like this. This was much more intense and so much more informing.   Also learned that there are mainly 2 kinds of Midwives. A CNM, which is a Midwife who is also a Registered Nurse. Then there is the Certified Midwife or entry level Midwife who has a degree or ceritfication in Midwifery. After some thought I decided on the latter. The only difference as far as practicing, CM’s cannot practice in hospitals. Only birthing centers, clinics, and of course the clients home. Which is certainly fine with me.

Midwifery schools are not exactly abundant. Well lets just say accredited Midwifery schools. There are a couple on the west coast and northwest. Which is fine. This is also a huge commitment. Unlike becoming a CMT, its not some 9 month program that you run through. It actually takes 3 years to complete. I could be certified or get a degree, depending on the school I choose to go to. Also discovered there is a Midwifery conference coming up the last week in March. It’s being held in Eugene, Oregon. Yay vacation! This is coming right on time. Its a 5 day conference, with the first two days focusing on classes for the beginning midwife (ME!) which is perfect since I can only afford the first 2 days, lol.  Already put in my days off. This will definitly give me an ideal of what I’m getting myself in to and what Midwifery is all about. Very excited

There is also a Birthing Doula course coming up in April. 16 hour event. But I still have to participate in so many births. The exact amount, not sure. Well just found out my sis is having her fourth little one, so she’ll definitely be on the list. 2011 will be interesting:)

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