On my way to Oregon…

13 Feb

Six weeks and three days, till the March/April Midwifery Conference in Eugene. I am officially going and very excited. It’s a 5 day conference, but I will only be attending the first two days. (That’s all I can afford) lol. Which is fine though because actually the first 2 days are designed for aspiring and beginning midwives. Thats ME! I’ve never been to Oregon and it’s also a coincidence that the school I’m choosing to go if I do pick this path in my life is located in Portland, Oregon. Nice. I feel this would be a moment to really experience what midwifery is really about. After the conference I know I will have made a final decision on if I want to pursue Midwifery or not. Either way, I know I will have a great experience and meet some awesome people.

Oh and Ms. Magazine, you forgot to put the Midwifery Conference 2011 in your Ms. calendar. Midwives are important too 🙂  No hard feelings *xoxox*

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