things that make me smile

05 Apr

Now I’ve gotten this ideal from other bloggers and blogs, namely Sofullsista, to list things, events, etc., that makes me smile. It’s funny, I can list 101 things that irk me, pisses me off, annoys me, and irritates the hell out of me. I could write a book on it. However, things that make me smile, seem  to be few and far between.

I also came to realize that I tend to read and blogroll really Debbie Downer blogs. I started to think, are there any happy blogs out there. And immediately with that thought, I realized if I want to read more happy blogs  I need to start with my own. Duh

Things that make me smile:

I smiled and my heart completely melted when I saw ABC World News story on dads and their daughters. And not just any ole Dad’s. Black Dad’s! I loved it. It was a dance put together for inner city girls and their fathers.

“This weekend, more than 40 fathers and their daughters danced the night away in Harlem. The fundrasier, hosted by Millenium dance company, stressed the role of fathers in the lives of young girls.”

I love it 🙂 Watch video below

Talking to my BFF this past weekend, while in Eugene, Oregon. I’ll reflect on that Midwife Conference in a future post. But talking to BFF makes my cheek bones sore (smile), has me laughing till my ribs hurt. I love talking to her. And because we don’t talk on a daily or even weekly bases, it makes our talks all the more worthwhile.

Things that make my soul smile, would be when I accomplish and finish a DIY project. When I make my brown sugar scrubs (as simple as they are) I feel genuinely…happy. 

A clean house. As awkward as that sounds, those are one of my inner smile moments. A fresh clean house from ceiling to floor, with hints of eucalyptus and lavendar in the air definitely makes me smile.

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