22 Apr

My trip to Eugene, OR was amazing. (weeks late in writing this, but so what). The conference was a 5 day event, but I only stayed for the two day pre-conference. I was soo meant to stay for the full five days. I felt like I needed it. I almost got teary eyed when it was time to leave. Back at work, at my desk, I kept thinking, I wonder what they’re talking about now? Im supposed to be there!!  However the time I did stay was amazing. I met some awesome women, heard some wonderful stories, and began to think that this is my calling.

*side note* however when trying to explain my sisters’ pregnancy with a coworker, I stated, “Yeah her water broke early and she didnt have enough of that…uh…stuff…to…you know, the watery stuff to keep the baby…”

“You been the ambiotic fluid?” She stared at me like I had grown a third eye.

Geeez, am I supposed to remember everything? I am only an aspiring midwife. So what if I dont remember that water substance stuffie mcjiggie. 🙂

Anywho, I did take photos. But this blog isnt the place to post them. Facebook possibly. What I actually learned is that I need to simply take my time in this whole midwife journey. I feel like im all over the place. Ive been treating this like some type of check list, get everything done by such and such date.  This isnt about a check list/pre req./to do list. It’s a life style. Here I am with my: anatomy (check), physiology (check), doula course (check), apply (check)… As I heard stories and listened to their backgrounds, this is a life experinence. Not a to do list. Basically I  feel like I was on the right path, but not exactly following the best course.

Its getting there. 😉

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