10 May

This must be the month of relationships. Relationships that seemed to be fading are getting stronger. Strong ones are becoming obsolete. Never in a million years would I think that me and my father would have a…casual (?) conversation. On a almost weekly basis. Stunned, would be an understatement. I don’t feel as though we’re straining to connect or he’s somehow trying to make up for lost time. For now, it’s actually…okay. Havnt talked to Bf M. for like ages. Mom occasionally sees her at church. But I know how she is. We just go through our phases and come back strong like nothing ever took place. Back to talking to A. I think we are officially pass the whole awkward ex/friend phase. And im so fucking relieved. We can actually just…talk. Without that ‘elephant in the room’ feeling. 7 weeeks till I see her. So excited, it’s ridiculous.  She disappointed b/c her backs been killing her and she said she’s not going to be any fun for Pride if I come there. Honestly I wouldnt care if we layed on the couch, ate junk food, and watched seasons of Noah’s Arc, Nurse Jackie, and The L Word, all week  🙂 Sounds like a plan to me.

ShaSha, oh, ShaSha. Was reading a blog about how not to burn bridges. Hm, really spoke to me. On one had, I don’t give a shit. On ther other, honestly I don’t mind simply being cordial. And over the months she’s turned into a ‘so what’s new with you’ type of friend. And I think that suits us just fine. So what if we have nothing in common. I like to drink, she like’s to eat. Im sure we’ll figure something out. And for the silence in between, we can both place our phones on the table.

My mother. I screwed up royally by forgetting to send her a mother’s day card. oops. I figured I would just call her on Sunday. I figured wrong. She wants the actual Mother’s Day card. I put one in the mail yesterday. Along with a gift card. That should do it 🙂 Also, I sent her a very endearing message regarding the death of her uncle a few dasys ago. And trust me, the word endearing, me, and my mother don’t go together. So I must admitt, it felt good for a change.

Big sis. When explaining that I was going to Mpls for Gay Pride. Mind you, I said the words ‘GAY Pride’ I thought she would run out the run, arms flailing. But she didnt skip a beat. Not much, anyway. We continued with the conversation. Hm. Interesting. Are we learning to finally except. Maybe.

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