Season 2 The Real L Word

17 May

 Behold the latest ladies of the Real L Word Season 2. Anything look slightly different? Anything the same? Well Whitney is still here and so is her bed buddie (in last season) Romi. I wish they would have kept Rose also. They was my girl! Issues and all. But the whole point of a new season is a new cast. (However, smart move from the producer’s to keep past cast members. Help’s to keep viewers still watching.) The visible diversity is obvious by glancing at Season’s 2 cast shoot. And honestly the last season was diverse to me. If you only looked at the Season 1 photo shoot or previews, you immediately think, “Great, a bunch of white chicks. Lipstick, white chicks.” But as I actually watched the show everyone had their own very diverse issues and personalities and lifestyles. The lack of ‘color’ didn’t phase me. And honestly I’m glad they didn’t simply throw in the token black person just to say “See look we’re diverse.” Which is all too common in reality and mainstream tv.
However, it’s obvious that the producer’s felt more pressure to put ‘visibly’ diverse women in this season. The clearly asian lesbian Francine. The obviously Black/African American, what have you, Sajdah. Which Showtime’s bio of her made a point to describe her as articulate  O_o  As if that needed to be stated. Yes viewer’s we are casting a Black woman, but guess what? This one’s ARTICULATE! Really? *sigh* moving on.
Then there’s the obviously butch Kacy and Sajdah. And the seemingly very  femme types Claire, Romi, and Francine.
I’m actually really interested in seeing the stories of Cori and Kacy play out as they go on their journey to start a family. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to find that right donor and also a supportive doctor who advocates for LGBT families.
If The Real L Word actually takes off, and continues getting support from fans, I hope the producers will think about relocating. I mean, I’m glad they’re shooting in my hometown L.A. But… The Real L Word (New York) sounds really tempting. Or what about Hotlanta? Hawaii???
Anyways I will be watching the second season. I really liked the first season, even with all the naysayers, and negative feedback. “Real lesbians don’t act like that.” Spare me. If you wanna see what real lesbians act like watch a  PBS documentary. The series is on Showtime and its meant purely for entertainment. Like I said, liked season 1, hope I looovvee Season 2.

5/30 update. Actually Rose and Natalie will be in Season 2. (Simply thrown in ‘the mix’) Either way, good news. I love those girls!

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