Farewell Oprah

26 May


Yesterday marked the last day of the Oprah Winfrey show.  And I am actually truely saddened. (I know this, because of the encore that played 12 oclock at night, I balled throughout the entire one hour special.) Yes I cried. It was a mixture of her actaully leaving the show, but also simply being moved by her last words of advice.

~Start embracing the life that is calling…and use what is calling you to serve the world…”

~You are responsible for the energy that you bring to yourself…”

~Don’t wait for anyone to fix you or complete you. You are responsible for you…”

~Know that you are worthy to be happy…Your worthy because you are born…Everyone wants to be heard…Validate them: “What you say matters to me.”

~”Know it. Know that there is a presence bigger than you. Your life is always speaking to you…First in whispers…than it may just get louder…and louder…What are the whispers in your life right now. Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying.”

Monday and Tuesday were filled with guest celebrities and simply fans who she had touched and inspired. They expressed  gratitiudes and how much Oprah had impacted their lives. Amongst the speeches and performances, there were also tribute songs. As I watched 12 o’clock last night, the perfect tribute song came to mind.

There goes my hero, watch her as she goes

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