sweetest taboo 2

07 Jun

(another attempt at something…)

I heard a presence in the kitchen and suddenly snapped my head up.
“Hey, Charlynn?” I said, trying to take the sleep out my voice. ” My bad. I guess I fell asleep.”
I walked into the kitchen and proceeded to caress her arm. She must have just walked through the door. I could still feel the crisp air lingering on her leather jacket.
She pulled her arm away. “It’s cool Maria. Don’t even sweat it.”
She didn’t sound upset, but I knew she wasn’t happy.
Charlynn took a bottled water from the fridge and began walking upstairs to her room.
Damn. So it’s like that.
I grabbed her arm again. “Charlynn.” I said this time more forcefully.
She looked down at her arm where my hand was tightly grasping it. Her eyes then glaring into mine, showing obvious signs of anger and annoyance. At that moment I was no longer her best friend. At this point I could been some stranger on the street.
Maybe this was becoming too complicated. If this had been Angela I would have scooped her into my arms and planted kisses on her until she accepted my pleas for forgiveness. I would have promised to wash dishes for a month and we would later fall into a deep exhausting sleep from a long night of makeup sex.
But this wasn’t Angela. This wasn’t even my girlfriend. It began to hit me like a ton of bricks that I couldn’t make this up. How do you make up to your ‘boy’ that you were simply fucking on the side.
I slowly removed my hand and felt myself falling to my knees…once more.
Come on Charlynn. Don’t leave me hanging. I’m sorry.
Why was I trying so hard for her.
I felt her body shift as she stood in front of me looking down. The silence and the waiting was more than I could take. My body seemed to trembled with embarrassment and a feeling of vulnerability. If anybody found out about this…I could just imagine the laughter and hushed snickers at the next ‘boys night out.’
This is stupid. You don’t have to do this Maria.
All logic seemed to go out the door as my body simply stayed planted on the hard wooden kitchen floor. At least I had some type comfort on the carpet in the livingroom. The throbbing in my left knee resumed yet again. An old basketball injury that took place years ago often reemerged when I put my body through awkward positions such as this one.
How many minutes had gone by? Come on Charlynn
As if reading my mind I felt her forcefully grab a handful of my hair. I cringed at the stinging sensation that was now pulsating through my scalp. Biting down on my lip to distract myself from the pain, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to raise up and knock the shit out of Charlynn or simply stay on my knees and endure the pain. With that thought I heard the sound of her zipper slowly going down.
The cold that previously emitted from her body had now turned into intense heat. Or maybe it was the intense heat still searing from the top of my head or maybe the warmth of her strap-on as she slowly began to slide it out.
She loosened her grip on my hair and I let out loud sigh. My tense shoulders instinctively dropping and relaxing.
Charlynn took her other hand and began stroking the length of herself, which was the same warm shade of her skin. She slowly stroked the thick brown strap, up and down, for what seemed liked minutes now.
I opened my mouth with slight hesitation. My tongue slightly out at the rim of my lips as if waiting to catch falling rain. She raised her strap to my lips and guided my head closer to her. I could smell the perfume rising from her skin. Amber and vanilla. And her scent. Was she wet?
With some unknown deep seeded greediness I opened my lips wider and prepared myself to devour every inch of her. Engulfed in my own heightened arousal I didn’t feel the shift in her body movement, nor did expect the sharp thud in my chest as I forcefully tumbled onto my back. My eyes shot opened as I realized what just took place.
The bitch just kicked me in the chest with her boot
Charlynn let out a sadistic laugh.
“Perhaps next time you’ll follow simple instructions.”
With that she promptly turned around and headed up the stairs. I could hear the door slamming above me.
Completely humiliated and bruised in more ways than one I gathered my things and got the hell out of Charlynn’s apartment.
At this point Angela’s boring normalcy seemed very inviting right now. Things between Charlynn and I were not only getting complicated. This shit was just plain scary.

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