28 Jun

Trip was amazing. It was everything and more. It was more than a mere vacation. I actually had a defining Aha moment. We talked about us and the future. It was like time stood still. Everyone looked the same. No one was tragically aging. Most were healthy and happy. I was glad to see old and new faces.
What I learned on my trip was I’m definitely getting a bike. A motorcycle that is. After riding around on A’s, I’m completely hooked. I WANT one!
Next, and most importantly I learned that when making vital decisions about my life and future I need to make that decision based on ME, and only me. No one else. Basically I fell in love again. And not with who and what I thought I would. Yeah, its too bad that all the places that I happen to fall in love with aren’t anywhere close to family: PDX, Mpls, NY…I feel like I constantly have to go out my way to enjoy my damn self. However, life/places are what you make of it. But why is  ‘making it’ so difficult in some places and seamless in others. Since I’m tired of chasing family around I’ve made my decision.
*T, just fucking move already*
Peeped that fam didn’t make any comments on my facebook Pride pictures. Lol. raised eyebrow

~update. Except for a facebook ‘friend’ who promptly got deleted for being ignorant. oh well~

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