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Actually posting…

It’s been a while. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without posting. Maybe. I’ll have to look through the blog. Since the trip back ‘home’ I’ve been having moments of severe nostalgia. Should I, would I…between that and studying for a test that I HAVE to take before Aug 11th and my preemie nephew who is in the hospital battleing Chronic lung disease, I just havent had the frame of mind to really focus on this blog or any of my short stories. They seem so non-relevant at this point. However, I know getting back to writing would actually be healthy but…

Really trying to cope with this stress. The stress I see in my sister and her potentially lossing a child. The thought of actually deciding not to leave phx at all. How can I, with all this taking place. She’s going to need a huge support system however the future unfolds. How can I just dip out at a time like this?….


Taking another trip to mpls this aug. I never knew I would be going back so soon. I remember A. telling me that she would probably see me next year. Yeah. I replied. Probably on a holiday. But fuck it. You only live once. I dedcided to surprise her with Janet Jackson tickets and a trip  out there for the weekend. Very spare of the moment, but why not. She was shocked, to say the least.

I need another vacay. I can tell I’m stress, because it feels like at any moment I could snap someone’s head off. Little shit that I’ve never noticed is bugging the hell out of me. But then I put myself is my sister’s shoes and relize I really have nothing to be stressed about. I want to start going back to my meditation classes. But I find every excuse not to go. Those always help to balance me out. And just the vibe of the school and the hippy, off beat, but loving students and peers that go there. Love it.

I know I will get back into my routine of posting and simply getting back on track.

Prayers and positive thoughts to my little lukey wukey. Whatever God’s will, Luke is and will remain a blessing to us all.

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