16 Aug

So I’ve finally taken and passed the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork exam. Which the whole examination process is bullshit when you think about it. Pay boocoos of money just so you can ‘appear’ smarter on your resume or have states force you to take it just so you can attain your license. Thus equaling more money for these money hungry idiots. Well maybe they’re not idiots, perhaps they’re geniuses and I’m just jealous that I didnt think of this money making scheme myself. Damn.  Whatever, it’s done and over with. Now to dust off thee ole resume and coverletter, what an exhausting task.

Well my Janet Jackson weekend is coming up. And to my surprise Black Pride just happens to be on the weekend that I’m going, which A. just happened to find out about a week ago. Who’d thunk it? So my couple days there will be jammed packed and fun. I’ve also planned a nice get away trip in Oct. to Newport Beach in Cali for the week. Got a great deal on the Villas. Yeah, we’ll probably be wearing our coats to the beach, but who cares. There’s a jacuzzi in the master bedroom and plenty of alcohol:) Ahhh, life is good.

And apparently so is God, if you believe in having an imaginary friend:) My lukey wukey is doing better. He’s transferring to a more clinic like hospital. Basically in short he’s to sick to come home but not sick enough to stay in intensive care. As long as he’s not walking on the road of death, it’s all good. Five months in the hospital…please come home soon lukey.

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