My path

26 Aug

A FB friend said it best, “…this isnt me. The a/c, the lights, the computer…” Being so excited just to have a job, but then realizing that this isnt you at all. I feel you girl, trust me. When you know your path is on the opposite end of the spectrum from what your currently doing… for me it’s…healing  by touch, by spirit and energy, or simply positioned in a asana pose to energize the soul…but yet to find youself in a…

OFFICE…my god, it’s like…draining.

 But since bills need to be paid and food needs to be digested, here I sit, in my…


There is no doubt that I will eventually get to that place, where I want to be, but it’s just the ‘mean time’ that is challenging. But I’m blessed none the less. For this torturous hell hole is what’s paying for the licensing process, CEU’s, yoga/meditation classes, trips to see A. every other month, so no, not complaining, simply…expressing.

The day where I will never hear the click, clattering of the keyboard for 8 hours straight or figure out another software program. The day I will never pick up the phone and ooze out this sugary sweetness of exaggerated enthusiam as some lady tells me her life story, but my ego is screaming. ” I don’t care!” 

will be absolute HEAVEN…

until then I shall not complain. I will be appreciative for what I have now, and grateful for what will become in the future. 🙂

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