pms sucks

26 Aug

FYI, way too much information

 After about 15 or so years of having a monthly cycle Ive realized that I’ve never really experienced pms. Until NOW.

After restraining myself from wanting to choke the cashier b/c her slippery fingers wouldnt open my plastic bag fast enough OR going into complete meltdown (tears, crying, head-ache from crying, loosing sleep, how will I ever live to see another day, blah, blah) all b/c A. told me a past girlfriend took her out for a birthday dinner (soooo not the jealous type) OR eating like a fucking pig, like I’ve literally looked at another human being and wanted to eat them…hungry OR feeling like a sex fien on crack, like omg I wanna hump the damn wall or something…

like i said, too much information

*Sigh* soooo…this is PMS? Why am I just now discovering this. The worst I had to worry from my cycles was bad cramps. Even then a couple of advil would take care of that. I would always get confused when I would hear  commercials talk about mood swings, bloating, sensitivity…Huh?…who were these women? What are they talking about?

I was beginning to think I was going crazy. Either that or I was  conventiently turning into a warewolfe every full moon/3rd week of the month. Short from checking myself into the nearest psych ward I decided to keep track of these hormonal disturbances and sure enough, it was all happening a few days before thee ole’ cycle. Which would be a ‘duh’ moment for most, but I’ve NEVER experienced this before. I guess I should consider myself lucky. And apparently my luck has run out. Hopefully this PMS madness will go away just as quickly as it came.



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