Miss Angola won!…

13 Sep

And mind you I caught the Miss Universe pageant completely by accident. I usually don’t watch shows like this. On one hand I suppose I shouldnt mind simply because the women are…idk, pretty. But then there’s that annoying, idk, feminist(?) perched on my shoulder whispering, “…where’s the plus size women?…why exactly do they have swimsuit competitions?…and really…a beauty pageant? Beauty, according to who’s standards…does the question and answer category really count?…what does this say about society’s standard of beauty? That we must look like them in order to be deemed beautiful?…and why are beauty pageants geared toward the feminine aspect of beauty?….Where are the more androgenous women?…Has anyone with a boycut or fade ever competed?…were they forced to wear a wig?…”

Without a doubt I know these women are highly intelligent and educated and do plenty for their community. Take Leila Lopez  (Miss Angola) for example, who’s studying in business management, and plans to work with various social causes and  work towards the fight against HIV in her country.

However, it’s  just these thoughts that swirl through my mind that make watching anything close to a beauty pageant sooo not enjoyable.

And as I flipped on the TV and saw the women taking there walk on stage, I immediately did an eye roll. Next.

 That is until I saw Miss Angola. I’m thinking hmm a black woman(?)…in the final 5…6. Perhaps I will watch for a bit. I soon realize, after squinting to read her satchel, that she’s Angolian, speaking Portuguese, is it?…I could be wrong.

I suddenly became strangly engaged as she did the Q & A’s. Me nodding and smiling at the interpreters words. Right, right. I suddenly now adored her gown, which I probably would have never noticed if it hadnt been on…her. To A’s annoyance, I oooh and aawwwed, during our phone conversation regarding how cute Miss Angola was. And I tensed up and chewed my bottom lip as they counted down to the remaining two. And the winner is…and I screamed into the phoned and OMG’d to A. about how Miss Angola just won!

Well then…perhaps beauty pagents arent that bad. Perhaps I’ll give Miss Universe a try next year 🙂


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2 responses to “Miss Angola won!…

  1. Veronique (Wiz)

    September 13, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    I was surprised and happy when she one as well, but she was beautiful, smart and poised. I teind to ask the same question and flip the channel really fast. But Hey

  2. Lesbian Brooklynite

    September 16, 2011 at 8:43 am



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