Big Chop

22 Sep

Well I finally did it. The plan was to chop at the end of this month. But you know when you get the feeling, if I don’t do this right now at this moment, ill never do it. Well that’s how I felt last night. So I sat down in front the bathroom sink, turned on my camera, (yes I have live footage, lol) and proceeded with the big chop. Since I’m not a professional and I didn’t quite know how to cut this wild child growing out my scalp, I made a bunch of french braids and went from there. The first chop was nerve wracking, but afterwards it was no going back. I actually really like it. And best believe ima rock it! I guess it would make sense to post pics…but, yeah its on FB, and what not.
Note* When I did the first cut I noticed like this dime size bald spot at the back of my head. Which freaked me out b/c, well one I have a bald spot! and two, I was confused at how I cut it that short. But apparently, the spot had been there previously. The culprit? I had a similar discovery at the crown of my head of all places several years ago. I eventually realized it was from wrapping my scarf around my head and knotting the scarf right at the top of my head. Apparently the knot, after weeks and months was cutting off circulation and causing breakage and eventual complete hair loss. Hm. Imagine that. So yes I stopped putting knots on top of my head, but clearly I didn’t learn my lesson b/c now I’ve began putting them at the back of head. However, these knots are from me pulling my hair back into a ponytail using a scarf, nylon, or simply a strip of cloth. Its better than trying to squeeze your natural into a twistie/scrunchi. And it doesn’t pull on your edges. But, with the cloth you still have to make a knot in order to secure it. And that knot ends up lying on the base of your head, eventually becoming a tiny bald spot? Has anyone experienced this?
Anyways, I sent mass photos to everyone, showing off my BC. I got comments such as “I guess it looks nice” “omg, it looks really cute.” And “please wear earrings and makeup” of course that one is from mommy dearest. Overall I’m happy.
Another note* this BC wasn’t an attempt to be natural, cuz I have been natural for about 12 years. I’m simply to lazy to continue styling my hair, lol. And a twa seemed to be my only option. 🙂

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