next countdown

10 Oct

And yet begans another countdown. The countdown for eventually leaving Phoenix. I never thought this day would come. Renewal of my lease is coming up and Im  going for 6 months. Not that Im necessarily moving in 6 months. I simply don’t want to be commited to a full year here. I am anxious to say the least. A tad bit worried. It was so different 8 years ago, leaving mom’s home abruptly with exactly 2000 bucks in my pocket and a plane ticket. It was fun, exhilirating, and a little bit scary. But fun…scary. I loved it. Finally being on my own. I had the time of my life. I got jobs easily. Had a nice circle friends. It was quite nice. And the thing is, no serious planning went into it. I just simply…left.

Now its a tad bit different. I need to think about job security. Being able to transfer, which I will. 2 g’s in my pocket will simply not cut it. This is not some extended getway like before. This is final. What will family say? Do I care?  Will I still move? (of course) When I do make the move, what if me and A. simply dont connect like we thought we would? Would it be awkward that im now living in ‘her’ city? lol goodness

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