Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Remembering

17 Oct

I remember her energy. So loving and warm. And happy. I remember us dancing at parties. her smile. I remember how she never drank alcohol. And always the life of the party. I remember her beautiful girlfriend. remember when it was getting close for me to leave mpls, I remember choking and tearing up, as told her in so many words that me and A. were splitting up. I remember how much love they both must have for each other, to be able to maintain their long distant relationship. I remember her telling me about her kids. I remember meeting one or two of them at a LGBT picnic. I remember committing a major fashion hiccup. wearing a very erotic t shirt with two scantily clad women embracing. geez, what was i thinking, smh. I remember holding a blanket up to my chest (for the next 5 hrs).

I simply remember her. And just her amazing presence. Our interactions were brief, but always memorable. You will Always be in my thoughts. Your smile, your laughter, your energy

Erin, you will Truly be missed.

~sunset 10-17-2011~

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