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Where’s the outrage for the victims?

As I strained to hear the reporter on CNN, amidst the chatter in the lunch cafeteria at work, discuss the Joe Paterno incident, I actually didnt have to hear the full report. I pretty much got the gist of it. A coach for Penn State, Joe Paterno got fired regarding some type of involvement with child sex-abuse incidents. The next video that was portrayed, after they taped Joe walking across the field with a long face, was the one of people who had just turned over a van, ripped down light post, and plain out rioted the streets.


After actually reading the full story of what exactly took place and Joe Paterno’s involvement, I still had the same point of view.


Students and atlethes were shown crying over Paterno’s resignation. Discussing how this was unfair. Protest and signs were popping up among the streets, declaring the injustice of the situation. The constant pics and videos of Paterno looking sad and dissapointed.

Um excuse me? Where is the outrage for all the young boys the were sexually assaulted, raped, abused, and emotionally scarred? Why arent we flipping cars over for these young boys. Why arent students of Penn State rioting over the injustice that adults (that these boys looked up to) turned their backs on these children?

I think Victoria A. Brownworth comment’s on it better than me on “Why Don’t Male Children Matter“. She’s also a contributor for Curve.

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