Etsy find

08 Dec

Kind of falling in love with these Vases.
From Etsy.
I’m imagining these in a spa like setting. Usually day spas have anywhere to 6 to 50 treatment rooms. And with these rooms come a theme. Its usually labeled on each of the doors. Themes more than likely represent herbs and flowers that fall under aromatherapy. Or they could be exotic places: Room Madagasgar, Mediterranean, Tahiti, etc.
Anyways what I noticed with most of the themes, they often times stop right at the door. The actual treatment room is just four walls with no hint of the perceived theme.
So, I’m thinking these would be perfect right outside the door or somewhere in the treatment room. And each vase would have the actual herb or flower inside. The lavender room would have the lavender vase. Rose room, rose vase, and so on. Using actual living flowers or just faux accessories.

Or hell, these would look amazing in my bathroom or anywhere in my home:)

Now mind you these vases are one of those items where if I look long enough at them, I’m thinking “I can so make this myself” I mean its literally just a mason jar on a slab of painted wood. Yeah. But what are the chances that I would actually find the energy to do this myself. Slim.
So in the mean time these will definitely be on my wish list. Love it 🙂

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