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black lesbian poets tour 2011

The Revival: 2nd Annual Revival, Black Lesbian Poets Tour is scheduled to hit up the east coast and mid-west this October.

Previous events have passed, but their last tour coming up is

October 14, 2011: Chicago, Ill., with Patience Soprano

This collective of beautiful poets and artist are made up of LOVE the poet, Cave Canem, t ai freedom, Solrose and Punany, amongst others and local guest. Held in private venues, these talented poets express life experiences through prose, music, and art. For more info. checkout the website.

The Revival

Past dates below:

Thursday, October 6, 2011: Washington DC with Bettina Judd
Friday, October 7, 2011: Brooklyn, NY with R. Erica Doyle
Saturday, October 8, 2011: Philadelphia, PA with E. Kairo Miles

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sooo late

Why I am always so late. Music, movies, b0oks, gossip. Im the one who hears, reads, watches stuff like 6 months after it happens. That’s just the way it goes. Well in this particular case I’m like decades late. I didnt know Sara Gilbert was a lezzie. Or maybe I did or simply forgot. What’s wrong with me? Odd  thing is, even as a kid watching Roseanne, I knew she was a lesbo. She reminds me of me. Her dry wit and sense of humor. Her sarcastic and smart ass remarks. Her grunge attire. Even when she was dating what’s his name, I still figured she was a lezzie. I mean she simply treated him like an annoying step-brother. But it wasnt until they had her get pregnant on the show, that I knew something wasnt quite right. Wait, and didnt she get married too. I cant remember. But in my little adolescent head i was thinking, noooooo!! Your suppose to run off with some hot, mid driff, daisy duke wearin’ chick. So, I mean I knew she was lesbian, I just didnt know she was a lesbian. Ya feel me?

I did see her on “the talk” on accident at work a few months ago, but I have no clue when I saw the show or what time it comes on.

Anyways, apparently Sara is splitting up with her long time girlfriend of 10 years, which she also has children with. Dang. Breaking up is hard to do, especially when there are children involved. They plan to share custody. Hope everything works out for em.


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Happy Pride!

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Just another pic. Whitney with her classic ‘deer caught in the headlights/I’m teed off cuz I haven’t had sex in like 10 hrs’ look. And poor Sajdah simply blending into the wallpaper. Lighting, people! Otherwise, hot as always

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Pussy Control

“Inspired by Prince song “Pussy Control”. Pussy is the name of a woman who refuses to take anything less than what she deserves. It’s the anthem for women who exude confidence, independence and takes no crap from anyone!”


Um, HELLO! I am sooo getting this shirt for Pride. Not only is this hot, but they always played this song at a lesbian club A. and I used to go to. She will totally fall out when she see’s this. Placing…order…now

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PRIDE…and random thoughts

-I haven’t gone since I moved from mpls. And no I haven’t gone to the one’s out here.
-Really hard decision’s. Should I do the ‘boyfriend’ look or the femme look for the Lesbo pride party. *sigh*
^^^I guess that depends on who I’m trying to attract.
-How wasted am I willing to get?
-Two days off and I haven’t picked up one text book to study for the National Therapeutic & Bodywork Exam. fuck

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Well Said… (Stud for Stud relationships)

Stud-on-Stud Relationships: No Fear
© 2008/previously published in Aggressive Magazine, Summer 2009

D. Alexandria

“I think it’s difficult for people to understand stud-on-stud relationships because there’s a ‘role’ issue in their mind that one partner has to be dominant and the other has to be submissive,” Stephanie comments. “I don’t believe that at all. I believe that whatever your identity [is], a relationship is more successful when the key elements of communication and trust are instilled, as opposed to some stupid ‘role’ assignment.”

“…For Naya’Hri, it is that cut and dry. “The brutal truth would be that people (and while we’re at it let’s get specific – LESBIANS) don’t (or refuse to) understand stud-on-stud [relationships] because their need to hold on to obsolete and heterosexually-copycat behavior keeps them from being able to evolve beyond the oppressive place which they stand.”


*Full article can be found here.*


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